Our history

SlideGuerrino Volpin gets the licenses for the restaurant in 1939, but Volpin already existed before. It was a Food Outlet with tobacco resale that worked even as bar and tavern. Guerrino married Maria (called Angioina) and they have four daughters. Antonia and Agnese, the two older, since they were very young helps in the kitchen.
In this period in Valli di Chioggia there were the socalled “barene” – sandbanks that emerge in the lagoon during low tide -, frequented by many hunters looking for quail and ducks, but also of “foèghe, sassegne, fisti, and masorini”. Aldo is one of these hunters, and he falls in love with beautiful Antonia, who cooks  haunted animals and the fresh fish so good. The two marry, and keep managing the restaurant together with some strokes of genius: it’s Aldo’s the idea of moving the restaurant just a few meters nearest to the Romea – the new national road under construction – to be more visible and within easier reachable.
Even Aldo and Antonia, in the wake of Tradition, have four daughters: Emanuela, Gabriella, Paola and Anna alternate in cooking under the strict supervision of Antonia who teaches daughters her art. For The kitchen passes “anguee, vongole, bevarasse, longoni (a kind of slightly more elongated clams), a lot of passarini (of which Laguna is rich), gò, bisati, moeche and masenete (but just in season), soglioline and sievoetti.
The sievoetti (ie mullet) preparations in Volpin have a nice story: they were cooked for the workers who were building the new restaurant, on their explicit request. The workers were all from Chioggia, and they asked Antonia to prepare “sievoetti incoercià”, or the manner chioggiotta, sharing in this way a piece of culture, at the time still very closed.
After the sudden death of Aldo, Anna and Paola – the younger daughters – picked up the restaurant, under the supervision of mother Antonia.

1panoThat constancy from that day they put into their work brought the restaurant a raising a grow in years, transforming an inn in a modern restaurant in continuous evolution. The two young girls have approached the field experience at mother’s side, learned over the years, to study at school.
Anna Paola and grow, making the restaurant even grow. One day Anna knows Stefano, who has a history similar to his own: it comes from a family of restaurateurs from Padua. They go quickly agreed: in 1988 they get married and join forces. Stefano leaves the restaurant of his family and devoted himself completely to Volpin. He is vital in the contribution of improvements: his idea to create in ’93 the current porch, to give a broader customer in the warm summer evenings. According to Anna, decided in 2002 to renovate the restaurant, making it more modern and comfortable. They expand parking too, creating more practical oasis. The family meanwhile widens: born Nicola and Sara, who continuing the family tradition, learning to walk between the tables of the restaurant. Over the years many friends and good employees put their expertise to the restaurant service, helping to make it grow and becoming part of the great party of Volpin: a group of people proud of its history, each of which has its own contribution characterizing the tradition of Volpin: pass down from one generation to the smile of a passion.